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History & Biography - Native Studies

Ashoona, Daughter of the Winds (Paperback)
Coyote Tales of the Northwest (Paperback)
Crazy Horse (Paperback)
Gabriel Dumont (Paperback)
Grandmother's Stories (Paperback)
Great Chiefs — Volume I (Paperback)
Great Chiefs — Volume II (Paperback)
In the Shadow of Our Ancestors (Paperback)
Louis Riel (Paperback)
Raven and the First People (Paperback)
Sitting Bull in Canada (Paperback)
Sky Walker: Tehawennihárhos (Paperback)
Song and the Silence, The (Paperback)
Spirit Animals (Paperback)
Tehawennihárhos and the Battle of Vinegar Hill (Paperback)
Tom Longboat (Paperback)
Victoria Callihoo (Paperback)
Watishka Warriors (Paperback)