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About Lone Pine Publishing

At a time when we are saturated with information from a host of media, we believe we can find a greater sense of place and understanding by exploring the quieter universe of our home ground.

Lone Pine Publishing is creating a library of books that celebrates the diversity and character of our own backyards. Our interest in nature, outdoor recreation and popular history has led us to publish titles of local relevance to enrich our appreciation of who we are as a people and a place.

As the coverage of our own region has deepened, we have broadened our reach to work with authors from other regions to develop exceptional titles for their areas: the Rocky Mountains, the West Coast, and the Great Lakes. We have attempted to be a good regional publisher in every region where we are present. The results are embodied in the books presented on this website.

We have a family of colleagues at Lone Pine who have contributed so much to our success, and we are grateful to them and to you for supporting us and helping us to realize some of our best hopes.

Shane Kennedy and Grant Kennedy